Grade Level Skills:

Creativity & Innovation:

  • Uses existing knowledge to create new ideas
  • Create original art works in Tool Factory

‍Communication and Collaboration:

  • Participate collaborative projects with your classroom
  • Participate in joint projects in the lab

‍Research and Information Fluency:

  • Introduce to various software applications and Web 2.0 tools

‍Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making:

  • Use of various educational software products and web sites that involve problem solving and decision making.

‍Digital Citizenship:

  • Learn & follow the Computer Class Rules
  • Participate in lessons on Internet Safety

‍Technology Operations and Concepts:

See below

Fifth & Sixth Grade Technology Skills:

Parts of the Computer


Mouse--2 buttons, scroll bar

How parts connect

Take computer apart, put it together

I/O design

Use of flash drives to save documents

Problem solving

Clearing 'Program shut-down' dialogue--'Don't Send'

Ctr+S, Ctr+P, Ctr+Z, Ctr+V, Ctr+C

Each student will answer a question from question board

If computer doesn't work

If program/document gets lost

Keyboard shortcuts

Use help files to solve problems


Copy-paste graphics

Copy-paste-move text within document

Ctr+I, Ctr+B, Ctr+U,

Dbl-space, text box, autoshape, call-out

Drop-down menus--tools-options

File name protocol


Headers and footers

How word wrap works


Numbered list

Org Chart

Page layout (under file)--margins, etc

Pretype paragraph--format, move text, thesaurus, spell-check




Bulletted list

Toolbars, margins, tabs

Use embedded link (ctrl+click)

Word Art, border, center

Word pad, Notepad




Elements of a web address---www, http, .com

Favorites--bookmark every site we visit

Google search tricks

How to evaluate websites-- identify a reliable website

Organize bookmarks into file folders--5th, science, etc

Search, images

Web 2.0 Tools



For school only

Sharing information

Uploading files